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Equipment List - Floor Care

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 Item Code: 150188

Concrete Grinder - Situp and Grind

A light, 240v electric powered hand tool ideal for grinding small areas and concrete edgework. It incorporates a small stool on wheels for user convenience. Ideal for removing compounds such as paint, mortar and thin adhesives from concrete walls. Weighs 15kg and uses a 175mm cup disc. Includes a stool for operator comfort and manoeuvrability.

 Item Code: 150200

Concrete Grinders - Double Head

An easy to use, walk-behind, 240v electric or petrol machine, ideal for minor levelling of large concrete floors & removing soft compounds such as mortar, grout & thin adhesives. Both petrol and electric model available. Can be used wet or dry. Diamond stones can be hired or carborundum stones purchased.

 Item Code: 210145

Power Brooms - Hand Held

Used for cleaning, material spreading, or surface preparation

 Item Code: 210140

Power Brooms - Self Propelled

Used for removal of debris from turfed (natural and synthetic) or solid surfaces

 Item Code: 130075

Pressure Cleaners - Sandblast Attachment (accessory only)

A light, manoeuvrable hand tool to be used in conjunction with a pressure washer & limestone granules ideal for cleaning large areas of flaky paint or very heavy grime.

 Item Code: 130036

Pressure Cleaners - Telewand Attachment (accessory only)

A light, manoeuvrable hand tool to be used in conjunction with a pressure washer, ideal for fast & efficient cleaning of high, hard to reach areas like eaves & gutters up to approximately 7m.

 Item Code: 150195

Richmond Concrete Grinders - Diamond Head

Ideal for indoor floor surface renovations. Removes paint, traffic lines, fibreglass, epoxy and adhesives, expose aggregate or grind surface imperfections etc. Dry operation. Industrial vacuum cleaner package recommended. Two models; light, compact for small projects, featuring a diamond head & heavy duty model with diamond head for aggressive grinding or carborundum stones for finishing.

 Item Code: 180025

Rotary Hammer - Heavy Electric

A heavy duty, 240V electric hand tool, ideal for drilling up to 50mm diameter holes in masonry and brick.

 | total: [1 - 8] / 8 | 

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