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Case Studies


OCT 2021

Ausgrid – Artarmon

At Mainbrace, we operate from northern Queensland all the way down the eastern seaboard to Victoria. We’re often working on several major projects at once, which means we need an equipment supplier we can rely on and trust.

Kennards Hire is our preferred supplier nationally. It’s the little things – like the way they always go above and beyond expectations, going out of their way to make sure we have everything we need.

But it’s also the big things. The nature of our work is that we often need a lot of gear at short notice, sometimes within a couple of hours. This can be anything from the largest of generators, access equipment and demolition saws, down to small items like wheelbarrows and other bits and pieces. 

Fortunately for us it’s rare that there isn’t a Kennards Hire near the project site. And if they haven’t got what we need in stock at the local branch, they will get it from somewhere else.

Overcoming the supply crisis

Just recently for example we needed some site sheds for an upcoming 10-month project in Gregory Hills. The current supply crisis left us struggling to source the sheds, and not having them on time would mean the project couldn’t start – a situation which would cost us a lot of money!

So I spoke with Kennards Hire and within a few hours received a call back saying the sheds we needed were available and could be delivered by the required date. Kennards Hire coming through on this project saved us time and money and freed up the project team to concentrate on construction. And it saved me from having to make dozens more calls as well!


Left image: Costco - Lake Macquarie Right image: Yamanto - Central Queensland

Another great thing about Kennards Hire is that even though they are a big company, they are so relationship-focused and responsive. We’ve been using them for around 10 years, except for one brief stage where we tried another company. We quickly returned - using the alternative supplier, we just felt like a number. The experience is completely different with Kennards Hire.

Kennards Hire gives us peace of mind and takes the worry away. In all the time we’ve been using them, I’ve only ever seen their service and capabilities improve year on year!


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