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Code: 9002618

The EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument used for taking accurate, direct air volume measurements at diffusers and grilles. The corresponding detachable micromanometer can be used with an array of optional probes to enable various measurement applications. Kitted with LogDat™ Mobile Remote Reader Software and capture hood stand, the EBT731 maximizes worker productivity and efficiency—saving you valuable time on the job site for ultimate profitability.

Also included in this kit are the below hood sizes:-
1 x 610 x 610mm with Frame (standard & fitted)
1 x 305 x 1220mm with Frame
1 x 610 x 1220mm with Frame
1 x 305 x 1525mm with Frame
1 x 915 x 915mm with Frame

Required Transport and Safety Equipment Legends:
  • It will fit in your car It will fit in your car
  • Suitable eye protection is required Suitable eye protection is required
  • You can carry this You can carry this

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Main Features

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design enables easy one-person operation
  • Automatic sensing and display of supply or return flows saves time on the job
  • Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings at high flow rates
  • Detachable digital micromanometer provides additional measurement capability
  • Multiple hood size options enable measurement of different outlet dimensions
  • Automatic Density Correction
  • Compatible LogDat Mobile Remote Reader and Data Logger Software option simplifies documenting of results and emailing of reports
  • Capture hood stand eliminates the need for ladders (reaching diffusers up to 15 ft. (4.5 m)
Volume Range 42 to 4250 m3/h (25 to 2,500 ft.3/min) capture hood, supply and return
Velocity Range with Velocity Matrix : 0.125 to 12.5 m/s (25 to 2,500 ft./min)
Includes 610x610mm, 305 x 1220mm, 610 x 1220mm, 305 x 1525mm & 915 x 915mm flow hoods

General safety

Alnor_EBT730_EBT731 Manual. pdf Format (File Size 2.5 MB)
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General safety

General Safety Guide. pdf Format (File Size 383.6 KB)
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To Download it click on the button below and follow the installation instructions.
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Popular Applications

  • Test and Balance Contractors
  • Commissioning Agents
  • Facilities Managers
  • Health and Safety Specialists
  • Ventilation (HVAC) System Installers

Terms & Condtions

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- Operators Manual to be read prior to operating this machine (available on commencement of hire via the 'Kennards Hire Plant Portal').

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  • All deliveries and pickups must be in a safe area to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete paperwork.
  • Any delivery amount displayed is ‘one-way’ and for one load only. If multiple vehicles are required, we will contact you prior.

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