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Every Day Brings a Fresh Challenge for Pump Expert Dean Muir

Every Day Brings a Fresh Challenge for Pump Expert Dean Muir

When Dean Muir heads into work at Kennards Hire, he is a man with a plan, but he always leaves room for the unexpected.

“If there is a crisis or customer who needs an immediate solution, we need to be flexible and get straight on the case,” he said.

“Our job is to solve problems for our customers in Australia and New Zealand. I love talking to our customers to really understand their situation, and what’s required to get the job done.”

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Tips for Painting the Exterior of Your Home

A coat of paint can give a home a new lease on life. But whether you choose Heritage cream and Brunswick green, the taupe and brown of contemporary homes, or a dazzling white limewash, there are things to keep in mind before you dive into the DIY painting pool.

From preparing the surface to using a scaffold, here are some tips for painting your home’s exterior, including the various types of paint available.Read More

Tips for Building a DIY Treehouse

Tips for Building a DIY Treehouse
Many of us have childhood memories of playing in a treehouse – sometimes little more than a few planks nailed to the branches of an obliging tree in the back yard.

Still, it was a magical place that brought you closer to the birds, a private space where you could read a book and dream of the future.Read More

The Best Paints for Bathrooms

Bathroom DIY is one of the hardest at-home jobs you can undertake because of the wet environment. Floors need drainage, tiles need edge sealing, air circulation is important, and the paint you use has to withstand constant moisture.

If there’s airborne moisture and/or plumbing leaks, and your paint isn't up to the challenge, you’ll eventually see blistering or bubbling in your surfaces.Read More
1-5 of 1637 Articles

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