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    2 easy garden DIY projects anyone can make

    Published on 10 April 2014, Thursday, 9:21 PM

    If you're searching for ways to do some DIY garden work to breathe new life into your outdoor space or create an exciting area for the family, look no further.

    Here are some DIY projects that can transform your garden into that haven of relaxation or source of excitement you've been searching for.

    Low retaining walls

    Stacked sandstone is a great material to use if you are looking at building a low-level retaining wall.

    It is not only versatile and hard wearing, but can de designed to last a lifetime if it is looked after properly.

    Some of the large foundation stones may be fairly weighty so rather than trying to lift these yourself, consider hiring an excavator to do the hard yards.

    Remember these stones are generally sold by the tonne, so it is vital you calculate just how much you will require. One tip is to multiply the width, depth and height of the wall you want to build.

    Try to source chunky blocks with flat surfaces and straight lines as these will be easier to piece together on your wall.

    Living teepee

    Create the perfect little cubby hole for your children - a growing teepee will not only provide them with a great place to play but can also be educational.

    To make this playhouse, you will need around eight three-metre tall bamboo poles and eight climbing plants.

    Pick the perfect spot for this cubbyhole. It needs to be large enough to accommodate a two metre diameter teepee.

    Measure where the centre of the teepee will fit and from there calculate eight spaces around the edges that are of equal distance. These will form the frame of the teepee. 

    Make sure you backfill the holes and compact the soil before you wrap rope around the poles. This will create horizontal supports for plants, so make sure you weave it with enough strength to support growing plants.

    Finally, you will need to dig holes for the climbing plants. You could use something like jasmine or sweet pea to provide the perfect ambiance for this hideout.

    Dig these holes alongside each pole. Having one plant per pole will give you the amount of coverage you seek, but make sure you backfill with topsoil and mulch so they can grow up healthy and strong.

    Also ensure you loosely wrap the stems around the poles. Enlist the kids to water these plants, and they're all set for fun.

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    Nathan Mills
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