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    2012 paint trends

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:19 AM

    Doing some DIY painting around the house is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to inject life back into a place, but knowing which colour to go for can be the tricky part.

    Whether you prefer neutral tones, bright shades or something in between, there are hundreds of different colours on the market which can make your final decision hard.

    If you're in a conundrum about what hues to use for your painting job, here's a selection of the best 2012 colour trends for home renovations.

    Shadow blue

    If you want to stick with a grey tone, but still want something a little bit different, look for light charcoal blue shades. There are several variations of this hue, including pastel amethysts and shadowy greys.

    Blush pink

    While it may be hard to imagine pink donning the walls of your home, this shade is one of spring's hottest colours for indoor decorating. Whether you tone it down with a light rose shade, or go for a brighter splash of pink for something more adventurous, this colour will brighten a room.

    Pastel blocking

    Pastel shades are another popular choice for wall paint - think mint green, soft lilacs, azure blues and buttery yellows. Colour blocking is also becoming more popular, with a mix of these shades livening up a home instantly.

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