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    3 awesome ways to keep your roof in excellent condition

    Published on 19 September 2017, Tuesday, 1:16 AM

    It's no secret that we Australians enjoy some of the world's finest weather - our country is famous for that big, yellow ball in the sky that shines down on our shimmering beaches, azure seas and breathtaking landscapes.

    Even so, that hot sun doesn't always spell good news. The dangers of us spending too long in its glare are well documented - it only takes 10 or 20 minutes to get burned on our hottest days. Imagine, then, the damage that that sun could be doing to your roof - after all, it doesn't get the respite of shade and sunscreen that your skin does. Temperatures regularly soar above 40 degrees Celsius across the nation in summer, and heady heights of 50 are not uncommon. Additionally, during storm season, tornadoes and other strong winds slice their way through the north of the country, hitting our roofs and buildings with speeds well in excess of 300 km/h.

    Our roofs could use a little tender loving care every now and then, just to help them stand up to the rigours of the Australian weather.

    It's evident, then, that our roofs could use a little tender loving care every now and then, just to help them stand up to the rigours of the Australian weather. Here are three ways to keep your roof ready for anything.  

    Gutter talk

    Perhaps one of the most taken-for-granted parts of your roof is the gutter. Without them, any rain that falls onto your roof will wash down onto the ground below, making your house look like a particularly large, exuberant water feature. Gutters collect rain and funnel it safely down the drainpipes away from the foundations of your home, so it's well worth your time ensuring that your guttering can do its job properly before the rains come.

    To check out your gutters, you'll need an extension ladder to get yourself up there. Lean it up against the solid walls of of your house for stability, and don't attempt the work when it's windy or raining already. What you're looking to do is clear your gutters of any debris that may have built up over time - leaves, litter and the tennis ball that went missing last summer. Blockages can cause gutters to flood, so give it a good going over to let the rain run freely. You should also address any broken guttering you come across - no one likes a miniature waterfall in their driveway!

    Dashing flashing

    Another awesome weapon in your roof's battle against the elements is flashing. This product is designed to cover any joints in your roof where water or wind could get in, especially where it meets an angle, such as where a chimney is situated. Generic flashing can easily be found in most hardware stores, and some establishments will customise it precisely to your needs. To install it, you'll need to keep that extension ladder handy, as well as specific tools required for the job - Kennards Hire can advise and have it ready for you in no time at all.

    Does your roof need a touch up? Does your roof need a touch up?

    Tile style

    Spending 12 months out of the year in the burning sun, pounding rain or howling wind is a tall order for any roof, so it's understandable that a few roof tiles may become damaged over time, or even fall off completely. It's at this point that you need to think about re-tiling a roof, and this could take you a little longer than the above two jobs.

    With this in mind, you should consider hiring some scaffolding while you carry out the work - it's sturdy, safe and comfortable, and will help you in your quest to bolster your roof in readiness for anything that Mother Nature can throw at it! 


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