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    3 simple DIY jobs you can do this spring

    Published on 16 September 2016, Friday, 1:00 AM

    The sun is out, the plants are springing back to life, and the winter chill is gone! It's time to clean up your home and make it look its best for the summertime. There are some quick and easy renovations you can make to your property this spring that won't cost a whole lot. Kennards Hire has all the equipment for whatever project you're about to start.

    Below are three simple projects that you can tackle by yourself this spring to bring a bit of shine back into your home:

    1) A fresh coat of paint

    Are your walls starting to look tired? Do you still have the original 1960s wallpaper stuck to them? It might be bringing down the mood in your home, so it's about time to get rid of it, and start fresh!

    If you do have to get rid of that faded wall decoration, use a wallpaper steamer. This will quickly remove the adhesive behind the wallpaper so it will peel off with hardly any effort. To reach the highest parts of your walls, a trestle, plank and plank clamp combination will give you a stable and safe base to stand on at height.

    There's a better way to paint than with a brush - use an airless sprayer!There's a better way to paint than with a brush - use an airless sprayer!

    Once you've got your walls cleaned up and the place is looking a little less tired, it's time to apply a new coat of paint. A lot of people think this is a very time-consuming task, but a lot of people don't know how to use a large airless sprayer. Teamed up with a sprayer gun, you'll have your freshly painted walls done in no time.

    2) Cleaning the pipes

    Long showers in the winter might be a pleasant experience, but they can also alert you to a serious problem - a clogged pipe.

    If you have a blockage in your pipe, whatever it could be, it's going to cause problems. Water won't drain as easily, if at all, and there will be pooling of water even when you've turned off the shower or the tap. What's worse is that a blockage might let water through (albeit slowly), but it will keep catching any other hairs or nail clippings or whatever else goes down the drain.

    What's stuck in your drain?What's stuck in your drain?

    There's a simple solution to this problem - the electric eel. It has a blade attached to a thin cable that can cut through any blockages in the pipe, so all you have to do is feed it down a blocked drain, turn it on when you've reached the blockage, and let it do all the work!

    3) Fixing up the walls

    For many Australians, art is a major factor in their home decor.

    After painting the walls, you will have taken all of your art down and filled in the holes where hooks used to be. For many Australians, art is a major factor in their home decor, because it can make a space feel warm and unique.

    If you don't have nails or hooks left in the walls because of repainting, and you can't stand your art being on the ground any longer, then it's time to do something about it.

    A cordless drill will make installing hooks easy. A simple trick to get your paintings and photographs hung perfectly is to not only put a hook in the wall, but also attach one to the back of the work. If done correctly, your art will hang straight all the time, and won't slide around on a piece of string. It will even handle being knocked around a little bit, because it won't be flimsily hanging off the wall, so if you have kids, this is the perfect solution!

    Spring renovations don't have to be really involved, but they can make a lot of difference to the feel of your home. Get in touch with Kennards Hire today to talk about more ways you can renovate this spring.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.