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    3 ways to use road work tools to help you pop the question

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 9:35 PM

    Stumped for ideas to create the perfect proposal for your partner? Traffic signs might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think romance, but get your creative juices flowing with these ideas and think outside the box for your loved one.

    Flash a sign on a roadworks sign

    You may think this kind of proposal doesn't work, but a New Zealand couple can say otherwise. Ben Cook from Christchurch greeted his now-fiancee Christine McNaughton with a series of road signs along her street.

    TVNZ reported that the first sign simply read out her name, while the second said "caution: decision time ahead" and the third asked "will you marry me?"

    Mr Cook greeted her at the driveway with the proposal time and a ring. Ms McNaughton's response was "Of course I will".

    Why not customise some signs of your own? A variable message sign could be the way to go.

    Write it out in road cones

    An Omaha man proposed to his wife by spelling out the words "marry me" in cornstalk bales, according to local news site

    You could use this as a jumping off point and spell out this heartfelt question in road cones.

    To ensure your betrothed can spot the message, why not hire a cherry picker to take her to great heights? Pretend you want her views on the great outdoors or a new project you have in mind.

    Stop traffic

    There are many incidents of men stopping traffic to propose to their loved ones, but not all are quite as spectacular as Hector "Tank" Martinez's proposal to girlfriend Paige Fernandez.

    According to ABC news, over 100 bikers stopped traffic on a California freeway so he could propose. A cloud of pink smoke was released so he could pop the question.

    While you could risk traffic violations if you attempted this on a major highway like Martinez, you could utilise a small private road if you know someone with their own laneway.

    You could even consider blocking it off with barriers to indicate it is a special occasion.

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