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    3 winter projects for increased comfort

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 3:13 AM

    There are many things Australia and New Zealand have in common, and one of them is older housing stock that needs renovating. No matter which side of the ditch you're on, increasing comfort at home over winter is a great idea to improve your family's health, drive up the value of your home and to keep busy over the colder months. You can access the great tools and equipment available from Kennards Hire whether you're in Adelaide, Auckland or anywhere in between.

    1. Insulate your home

    Old villas and bungalows are usually in desperate need of insulation. According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), as many as 600,000 homes in New Zealand could have insufficient protection from heat or cold. The great part about choosing to install insulation in the home is that it can be done with minimum disturbance to everyday life, making it an ideal project to complete when time allows. The roof cavity and under-floor space can be dealt with as time permits. and insulating the walls can be tackled room by room until completion. Bear in mind though, that this will mean replacing gib and doing some DIY painting.

    Insulation in the ceiling cavity can be installed without causing disruption. Insulation in the ceiling cavity can be installed without causing disruption.

    2. Block draughts

    According to the Department of Industry and Science, air leakage can account for 15-25 per cent of winter heat loss in Australian homes. Think about all the money you could save on your heating bill if you could stop those pesky draughts!

    Basic maintenance can help. Get a ladder from Kennards Hire to check the seals around windows under soffits, as well as around ventilation holes, extractors and air conditioning connections. You can also use simple draught blockers indoors to stop a breeze blowing through under doors. If you're going to the extreme of draught-deflection, you may want to look at your joinery and replace older window and door frames with newer varieties.

    3. Reduce moisture content

    You make thing your home is warm and cosy - but is it damp? The average Kiwi household produces 8 litres of water a day through normal activity, such as cooking, cleaning and even breathing, according to the EECA. While we don't recommend that you stop doing any of these - moisture can be a problem. Damp air can result in mould and other health issues.

    Aside from thorough cleaning, consider installing ventilation where necessary. If you're renovating the bathroom, extractor fans are a great place to start.

    No matter your project this winter, your local Kennards Hire is on hand to help!

    Moisture in the home can create health hazards.Moisture in the home can create health hazards.
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