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    4 perfect floral additions to your winter garden

    Published on 4 June 2014, Wednesday, 12:22 AM

    All flowers need sun to grow, right? Wrong. You don't need to put off your gardening plans until the weather warms up - there are plenty of flowers that bloom beautifully in winter. Get creative in the garden by building planters to decorate the deck, the front garden and any other areas you feel may need a little brightening up over the cold season and fill them with these stunning flowers.

    Fairy primrose
    Luckily, Australian winters are not particularly arctic. Obviously, we have our cold days but our days of snow are pretty non-existent. Fairy primrose blooms happily in summer and winter, as long as the highs and lows of these seasons aren't too extreme. A delightful little flower, these beauties grow to 8 or 10 inches, and looks stunning when planted in large sweeps. Fill your flower beds with these yellow and white cuties and they will light up your garden.

    Daphne flowers are small clusters of colour, and bloom from mid-Winter. There are varieties of this flower with a strong scent, and a number that are scentless, so it is totally up to you which you feel would suit your garden. Available in shades of yellow, white, pink and cream, this is a delicate flower that looks stunning when planted in a border surrounding other plants. 

    These flowers are the unrivalled rulers of the garden, simply because they bloom for so long! Even with little attention, they fill gardens with colours of purple, yellow and pink year round - so a great option for gardeners who love to create displays of colour but don't have much time for maintenance.

    Winter rose
    A favourite amongst gardeners, these roses are very unlike their sisters. With varieties that bloom widely, showing off colours of white and yellow and others that hide a little from the cold yet produce plenty of seeds for further seasons, these are a truly stunning feature in any garden.

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