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    5 kitchen DIY projects for next weekend

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 10:20 PM

    The weekends are usually a time of relaxation and unwinding, unless you're itching to get stuck into some DIY work in the kitchen. If you are, we've assembled a list of five projects that are really easy to get started with next weekend. Of course, you're also going to need the right gear, so we've taken the liberty of slotting in a few recommendations to ensure the project comes out right.

    Upgrade your storage

    Many houses in Australia are starting to show their age, and not just in terms of looks. Older houses can often lack the storage you need to put away those big kitchen appliances, and those many pots and pans. A great DIY project to get started with is a storage upgrade, basically installing new cupboards to add some breathing room.

    Start off by measuring the space for the new storage, and deciding where they'll actually go. Floor to ceiling cupboards can add quite a bit of space, but they could make the room feel cramped. Cupboards above the sink are a great way to put in more space without taking up room on the floor.

    Then, assemble the cabinets you've decided upon as per the instructions, and attach them via the studs in the wall with screws. You'll need to pay close attention here, as the cabinets need to be secured properly.

    Of course, just like when you renovate the bathroom, you'll also want to ensure that you repaint the walls to match up with the new cupboards.

    Consider a concrete floor

    Wooden floors and tiles are both good choices for a modern kitchen floor, but concrete can be one of most durable options. It resists the usual kitchen damage, can be easily cleaned when it's dirty and can even reduce allergens. If you want a floor that resists discolouration, chipping and warping, concrete is unbeatable.

    You'll have to find out if concrete is already in place under the current floor first. If so, you can begin. If not, you might want to consider wood or tiling. Once the underlying floor is exposed, make sure to use our concrete cleaning equipment to make the surface suitable for walking on day to day. This means blasting the surface to remove imperfections.

    With your concrete floor knowledge you can now also apply this other areas in your home. A concrete BBQ area out back? Why not?

    Get painting

    What looks better than a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen? Not much! Painting a room can take a fair amount of time, but the end results pay off. What was once a drab colourless room can be lit up with paint, and it's also an excellent way to round off any other kitchen DIY work.

    Start by stripping back the current surface. If it's wallpaper, you're going to want to use our range of steam wallpaper removers to peel back the older covering. For paint, heat guns are the best option. These tools mean you won't spend ages on this part of the job.

    Then, it's time to bring in the trestles and start painting. These are great if you have high ceilings, as they mean you won't have to balance on a counter while you get at the ceiling or upper reaches of a wall.

    Install a new sink

    Just like the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink is a centrepiece of the room, and you need to make sure you've got the right unit in place. Finding a new sink means measuring the dimensions of your current unit as well as those of the replacement.

    Once you've removed the old unit, ensure you have all of the correct mounts, fittings and adhesives necessary to install it correctly. If you're putting a new tap in place, check that the seals fit correctly. Sink replacements will also often involve adjusting the countertop and cutting appropriate space for the new sink.

    You may want to enlist the help of a mate for a sink job, especially if you're putting a new porcelain unit in. These can get pretty heavy!

    Pop in a new countertop

    Another job where you may want to get some help from a friend, installing a countertop is another great way to overhaul a kitchen. Depending on your current kitchen, you may not be able to install an off the shelf unit, so consider getting one specially created. When it comes time to install it, pry off the existing countertop and apply the necessary adhesives to the new unit. Then, install it carefully.

    For areas where different sections meet, make sure you've lined them up perfectly. One slight level difference could become a real annoyance!

    Now that you've got the kitchen know-how, we've got the tools and equipment you need to get the job done right. Get in touch with us today either online or in one of our branches to learn more about our range of gear for hire.

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    Nathan Mills
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