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You might use trestles instead of scaffold if you're bridging a gap or working over a stairwell or you want to use the number of trestles and planks to make a longer run besides a wall that you're painting or perhaps a long gathering job.

Generally, your trestles will come in sizes from 1.8 meters up to 4.8 meters and you use them with planks, sometimes aluminium or you can use timber as well. Your aluminium planks come in 6, 4 and 3-meter and generally, your timber come to 4.8 or 3 meters. You want to check with the team at your local Kennards Hire branch and use your safety instructions to use them as safely as possible.

Your personal safety above all is the most important thing when you're using trestles or any sort of equipment. You need to check with your staff at Kennards about what you need to do to do it the best way. You may find that you have a minimum span on your planks or because of an uneven site, you may need to get some trestles that have adjustable legs. Whatever your job,  explain to your Kennards staff what you need to do and they'll make sure that you can do it as safely as possible. 

Kennards Hire has the experience and know how to help you with your next project.  Get in touch with your local branch today by visiting https://www.kennards.com.au//contact-us/.


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