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    A closer look at the RTAA's Field Days with Kennards Hire

    Published on 30 June 2017, Friday, 1:32 AM

    The Rail Track Association of Australia (RTAA) hosts a Field Days event aimed at promoting the interests of the Australian rail sector. Kennards Hire attended to showcase a diverse range of rail-related products, and to further its relationships with industry bodies.

    Anyone from the Australasian rail industry was welcomed to attend the event, which had over 40 on-site demonstrations and 100 exhibitions spread over two days. This year, Kennards Hire had an outdoor demonstration area that included the use of rail track as well as an indoor information booth that displayed further accessibilities that our rail team could provide as being the specialists in rail equipment hire. Because of this, Kennards Hire attracted a lot of interest at the RTAA Field Days, with plenty of engaged viewers watching our demonstrations of the Ironman Material Hoist and rail clipping gear.

    Kennards Hire had an indoor stall as well as an outdoor equipment area.Kennards Hire had an indoor stall as well as an outdoor equipment area.

    Why is the RTAA Field Days so important?

    The RTAA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that helps to improve the rail sector in Australia in many ways. Hosting trade shows helps to increase the reach of the RTAA team's work and allows for industry contacts to network.

    Two of the key priorities of the RTAA are to promote diverse and inclusive workplaces in the rail industry and to share grassroots knowledge of rail equipment and development with other rail businesses. With the framework of the Field Days event, they achieve both of these things.

    Hosting an annual trade show helps to increase the reach of the RTAA team's work, and allows for industry contacts to network.

    Without the annual trade show, there would be significantly less opportunity for rail specialists to come together and share their knowledge. We understand that the rail industry is growing and developing, and to keep it moving along smoothly, we need to increase knowledge-sharing from all internal rail sectors. From operations to research and development, the more information people in rail have, the better.

    Who was at the Field Days event from Kennards Hire?

    On account of the importance of this knowledge-sharing, and to showcase our latest products to interested parties in the rail sector, key team members from Kennards Hire attended, including Product Manager Alex Eisermann, Rail Branch Managers Michael Hicks, Andrew Trainor and Tim Clarke, and Business Development Manager Brett Harvey.

    The RTAA Field Days is an important event on the Kennards Hire calendar, and we're delighted that we could be in attendance. To find out more about the trade show or the rail products available from Kennards Hire, get in touch today.

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