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    A vehicle for every task

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 12:32 AM

    Car culture has always been important in Australia, a quintessential part of both city and rural life across the country. As a result, it shouldn't really come as a surprise to hear that there are vehicles for nearly every task imaginable, whether that's a Bobcat for moving earth or simply a ute for carrying materials from A to B.

    Kennards Hire has a number of vehicles available, each suited to various tasks. These can be some of the most useful pieces of equipment on a project.

    Utes (and tabletops)

    For the longest time, the ute has been seen as 'the' Aussie vehicle, a machine that can go anywhere and do anything. Utes are used on farms to carry fence posts and tow other vehicles, in cities for basic transport, and even on the motorways for long haul work.

    We have both utes and crew cabs available, with manual or automatic transmissions. Our vehicles can transport up to one tonne on the tray, and we have also have options with the ability to fold down the sides. This means easy transport of oddly-shaped objects.

    Our tabletop trucks are the real heavy-haulers, and we have two tonne variants as well as trucks that can haul six to eight tonnes. These larger trucks are the best option for general freight tasks and pallet transport.


    When a ute just won't do, or a tabletop can't provide the coverage necessary, a van is the best option. We have vans that can carry from one to three tonnes, and even options that support forklift loading.

    The smaller one tonne variant is the perfect choice for cargo hauling in a city environment, as they're not much longer or wider than a regular car. The three tonne variant, on the other hand, has an optional tail lift that can prove extremely useful when needing to move heavy objects into the back of the vehicle.

    Vans are often a good idea when it's necessary to haul a substantial amount of gear in a city, and especially when the cargo needs to be protected from the elements. Got a heavy generator to move? An enclosed van is up to the task.


    As anyone in the mining sector can attest, trucks are some of the best tools to move large quantities of earth and materials. For smaller jobs, however, can trucks provide the same benefits?

    The answer is yes, especially when using tip trucks. These vehicles feature trays that can be loaded up with material, and then, using hydraulics, tilted so it cascades out the back without needing to manually unload it. A time saver, and a great way to ensure the safety of workers.

    Tip trucks from Kennards have weight capacities from one to six tonnes, and can work in conjunction with diggers to make an earth moving project simple.

    Crane trucks

    The chance of an accident occurring on a construction site is often quite high when workers are forced to move heavy materials, but there is a better option.

    Crane trucks are heavy duty vehicles designed to make the process easier. With simple controls, workers can easily use the vehicles to lift beams and other materials onto the bed of a truck, and then transport the cargo where required.

    This is the true benefit of a crane truck, as there's no need to transport multiple vehicles.

    Cherry pickers

    There's no safer way to reach heights than by using a hydraulic platform. Unlike ladders, these pieces of equipment include safety legs to ensure stability.

    Kennards Hire hydraulic platforms are also mobile, meaning they can be easily moved to any location. The real benefit here is that in places where a ladder used to be the only option, cherry pickers can make a safer substitute.


    When it comes to moving earth, there's usually no better vehicle than a digger. These are the vehicles that are the backbone of modern construction sites, and certainly one of the most useful pieces of equipment. 

    Kennards Hire has a number of options when it comes to diggers, which means it's easy to find a vehicle fit for the task at hand. Smaller Bobcats are great for jobs like home garden DIY, and larger variants can tackle the toughest tasks.

    Paired with a tip truck, it's easy to excavate large amounts of earth and haul it to wherever it's needed.

    Given the size of Australia, it's unlikely that vehicles will play any less of an important role in the near future. Get in touch with Kennards Hire today to learn more about our range of utes, tippers, vans and diggers, as well as the countless other vehicles. These can be extremely useful aids on a project, and help you get home faster at the end of the day. 

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.