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    Additional portable signage to provide traffic alerts during emergencies

    Published on 3 December 2018, Monday, 5:57 AM

    It seems to be an unfortunate aspect of an Australian summer that extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on parts of the country and put homes and lives at risk.

    The latest in a host of natural disasters to hit Queensland has been the recent flooding across significant parts of the state, with the Department of Community Safety issuing emergency alerts for residents near Surat, Roma and Mitchell to move to higher ground over the weekend (February 4 and 5).

    And while incessant heavy rainfall has caused considerable damage to the region, state emergency service operators have been doing their utmost not only to help individuals in need, but also to keep people informed about changing conditions in their local area and advise them of the best course of action.

    Whether it is flooding, cyclones or bushfires making their mark on the Australian landscape, emergency services teams may require additional signage to alert both locals and those passing through about road blocks, diversions, safety issues and guidelines to follow.

    For these purposes it could be necessary to hire variable message signs (VMS), which are portable electronic boards able to flash alternating text and symbols to drivers in a bold and highly-visible manner.

    Arrow boards are also a great way to redirect traffic during emergencies - a particularly useful asset when no people are available for face-to-face direction.

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