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    Adelaide's north-south transport corridor is being fast tracked

    Published on 17 June 2014, Tuesday, 10:58 PM

    The Commonwealth and South Australian governments have committed $1.5 billion to fast track the North-South Road Corridor in Adelaide.

    This project will make it even easier to travel to the fast-growing industrial and residential areas in the north and south of the city. This is good news for freight efficiency and productivity - and the build is sure to require plenty of traffic signs.

    The project represents the largest infrastructure investment made by any Commonwealth Government in South Australia and will provide plenty of benefits to the Adelaide community, boosting the economy and providing plenty of work for the roadworking industry.

    The Commonwealth plans to contribute $944 million and the South Australian Government $572 million to the plan, which aims to reduce congestion and commuter delays in the area, according to a press release issued on May 24.

    What will be developed?

    The section of road between the River Torrens and Torrens Road will be widened and a non-stop section of 1.4 kilometres added. This will also include the addition of a lowered road that extends from Port Road, Grange Road and the Outer Harbour rail line.

    The existing Darlington Interchange will be upgraded to meet expressway standards, including a connection with the Southern Expressway and grade separations at Flinders Drive and Sturt Road.

    The project will be overseen by the Commonwealth Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Jamie Briggs and the South Australian Minister for Transport, Stephen Mullighan.

    These works will begin later in this year, with the major works started in 2015. As a result of the funding, the two projects will be able to be completed at th​e same time.

    The upgrade is not expected to be open to traffic until 2018-19.

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