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    Air conditioning continues to prove popular

    Published on 19 December 2014, Friday, 5:19 PM

    Australian households remain keen on air conditioner installation, as the latest figures show as many as three-quarters of properties contain some sort of cooling technology.

    Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that half of people make use of reverse cycle air conditioning, while the remainder are split between evaporative coolers and refrigerated units.

    "The hot spot for cooling was the Northern Territory, where 97 per cent of households had some form of cooling, while Tasmania was cold to the idea; with only about half having cooling," said Karen Connaughton from the ABS.

    Mapping the increased uptake of air conditioning

    A report from the Energy Supply Association of Australia (esaa) shows just how popular air conditioning has become, pointing out that the technology was once considered a luxury in the nation's homes.

    It reveals that only 35 per cent of homes had units installed back in 1999, but as the latest ABS figures shows, this is no longer the case. By 2001, almost 600,000 households has three or more air conditioning systems in place.

    The esaa found that Australians have continued to buy air conditioning systems over recent years and as a result, energy networks are experiencing increased pressure. The need for investment in the sector to be increased has never been greater, the group argues.

    Choosing the right system

    Consumers have a wider range of cooling technology available to them, so selecting the right unit is essential for the task at hand.

    Portable air conditioners are a great choice if you only want to cool one area at a time. Meanwhile, large evaporative coolers are a better option if you have a bigger space that needs cooling, such as a showroom or a marquee.

    The increased uptake of systems reflects just how diverse the technology has become, as well as its improved affordability.

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