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    Allergy friendly gardening

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:32 AM

    Spring is the perfect time of year to embrace your inner green-thumb, but for those who suffer from hay fever, an in-bloom garden is likely to set allergies off.

    But that doesn't mean that hay fever sufferers can't enjoy a backyard full of flowers, it just means they have to put a bit of thought into what plants can be used for their garden DIY job.

    To ensure that you don't start sneezing every time you go into the garden, select plants that don't have airborne pollen.  Birch, conifers, liquid amber, maple, oak, ash and poplar are all notorious for producing a lot of pollen which typically sets off hay fever.

    With some trees, it is the male that produces the pollen, so select the female for an allergy friendly variety - if you are unsure, ask for advice at your local gardening centre.

    Mould can also set off allergies among people, so make sure to always wear gloves and face protection if you have to garden in shaded areas.

    There are a number of plants that are safe for allergy sufferers, including most brightly coloured large flowers.

    Citrus, frangipani, Chinese lantern, hibiscus, lavender and petunia are all flowering plants with nectar and heavy pollen grains, which means they pollinate by transferring pollen through birds and insects - not through the air which sets off allergies.

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