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Project Overview


Hi I’m Mark from a company called Aspac and I’d to introduce you to the Athena HE Bi-levelling Scissor Lift, which is a revolutionary Scissor Lift in the industry and it’s something that’s available now from Kennards Hire.

So the Athena HE Bi-levelling Scissor Lift, the first thing you will notice is that it can operate on a slope of up to 20 degrees, on both the x and y axis, and that’s something that no other Scissor Lift on the market can currently do.

The machine is also very compact. It’s only 796mm wide which means you can get it through a conventional door. The rails fold down – only 1880mm wide, again making it very easy to get through the door.

The machine has a full slide out deck and a 250kg load capacity. The machine is powered by a Honda petrol engine and 240v power so you can plug it into the wall and run it off 240v.

Importantly, the machine has grey non-marking tracks so you can use that on any surface. Now the real application for this is all tradies. If a rough terrain machine is for you. If scaffolding is too expensive or too cumbersome, the Athena is for you. If a slab scissor won’t operate on 1 and 2 degrees, this Athena HE is good for you. 

So get down to your Kennards store and hire it today. Athena HE Bi-levelling Scissor Lift, available exclusively from Kennards Hire.

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