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    Australia on alert for extreme heat

    Published on 12 February 2019, Tuesday, 12:16 AM

    Some parts of the country, particularly in south Australia, are expected to reach soaring temperatures of over 40 degrees as summer establishes that it's well and truly here.

    The ABC reported today (January 4) that a total fire ban has come in effect for Victoria as a result of the scorching heat, with the next few days expected to be "the hottest period since the 2009 bushfire season".

    The Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted that Adelaide will reach a sweltering 44 degrees today, with Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga and Alice Springs also exceeding 40 degrees today.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that "long-standing" temperature records may also be broken in the next few days as the heat wave boils over parts of the country.

    Though the summer heat is usually embraced, the higher temperatures can prove to be too much, causing many Australians to seek relief.

    The cost of air conditioner installation can come to be quite expensive, so why not opt for hiring one from Kennards instead?

    You will really only need it for the scorching temperatures of the Aussie summer, so you may be able to save yourself a bit of money by hiring.

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