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    Australians and fishing - a match made in heaven!

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 5:14 AM

    For those about to hook up and arc a line, we salute you - for fishing is one of the fastest-growing physical activities among us Aussies.

    According to Better Health Victoria, Australians also love swimming and cycling more these days - but there is a flip-side, with an estimated 15 per cent of the country living sedentary lives.

    And only around half of us get enough exercise to experience the health benefits of being fit - like reduced body fat and reduced risk of heart and cholesterol complications.

    So what could this mean for the Ordinary Joe?

    Well, for starters it means that if you feel like you need a bit more physical exertion in your life, getting a bike, flinging on some swimmers or heading out to the beach for some surf casting could be the way to go!

    Popular activities are the ones which have the most options for location and skill level - you don't need a license to swim some laps at the local pool or pedal round to a friend's house - and they usually come with the added benefits that a great pool of specialist knowledge provides.

    Let's think about fishing, for example. You can pop round to your nearest sports store - or a fish-and-tackle if you are lucky enough to have one of those close by - and have access to great advice.

    You can probably find out all you need to know about fishy topics - for example which kind of rod you'll need, which lures and weights to use and why you need vests and waders - by asking a few simple questions.

    And people with opinions about great fishing spots are a dime a dozen - it seems everyone has an opinion about beaches versus piers and surf versus boat-based methods.

    Shore Fishing Australia recommends a few key spots around the country, including Victoria's mountains and the ACT's lakes and rivers for trout.

    NSW's coastline is considered the best place to catch many types of sea-bound delights, while Queensland and the NT are famous for barramundi.

    SA's beaches and rock ledges are perfect for snapping up some snapper and you could go just about anywhere in WA to try your luck catching a great variety of species.

    The best thing about choosing fishing as a leisure-time activity - you can triple your pleasure.

    Not only do you get to have a great day's outing with friends enjoying the scenery and tranquillity of the water, but you also get to give your body a bit of a workout loading gear and pulling in the big one.

    And lastly, you can bring home a tasty treat for the family which is also on the healthy side - excellent!

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    Nathan Mills
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