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    Autumn home improvement and maintenance tips

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 4:36 AM

    The last rays of summer are starting to fade in Australia, as the steady creep of the cold draws nearer, with Autumn arriving in March.

    The falling leaves can create quite the problem for gutters and spouts, causing pipes to become blocked.

    Autumn is also the prime time to start preparing for winter, planting new vegetables and fruits for the season, getting the firewood shed ready and cutting away any overhanging branches that may become hazardous when the rains hit.

    Here are a few home improvement and maintenance tips that you can use to get ready for the incoming cold season.

    Check your roofing

    You don't want to be putting a bucket in the middle of your living room this winter, so make sure to check your roof to ensure that there is no damage that may let in blistering wind or rain.

    If you find that there are some holes or broken tiles, take the time in autumn to get the problem fixed.

    Also remember to regularly check around your gutters during autumn to remove any fallen leaves that may clog up the spout, ensuring there is no debris and that they are free flowing.

    Inspect fireplace

    As you can expect your fireplace to go through a fair bit of use during the winter, it's important to get it inspected by a chimney specialist to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or other fire-related dangers.

    Make sure to also get your fireplace cleaned thoroughly to get rid of any blockages and prevent any potential hazards.

    Block gaps in doors and windows

    Keep the warmth in your home this winter by ensuring you draught-proof your home! Block gaps around your doors and window to prevent heat from escaping and the draught creeping in.

    This tip is one simple way of making your home more energy efficient and could save you up to 25 per cent on your heating and cooling bills according to the Australian government's Living Greener initiative.

    Check and replace light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries

    The change of the season is a great time to check that all your lights inside and outside of your home are working.

    If you need to replace them, choose energy-saving light bulbs to help you get more use out of your lights.

    Also inspect all your fire alarms to make sure that they are all working well and positioned in prime spots in your home.

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