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    Basic tips for modern DIY - make it work for you

    Published on 20 March 2016, Sunday, 9:40 PM

    Your house is your castle, so it's no wonder there is always a list of things that you'd love to get done in order to make it stand out just a bit more.

    Well, heading into autumn, you can. In fact, it might be as easy as setting aside a day to knock out all of the projects that you've had lined up for months. Need some inspiration for a modern aesthetic? Check out these design ideas that you can bring into your own home:

    1) Adding a crisp veneer

    Breaking up your spaces can sometimes be tricky, especially in a home design that hasn't quite lasted the test of time. A great way to separate the lines and the materials in your living areas in particular is to install a fresh veneer.

    This can have a stone aesthetic or even wood, and can continue onto the roof, although you'll want to make sure the veneer is securely attached if it's sitting above your head! A tradesperson can help you with the install, but it might pay to prepare the surface beforehand yourself by using an orbital sander from Kennards Hire.

    A cool and crisp modern stone or wood finish can really make a section in your living room stand out, and smooth, unique lines will help to give a modern appeal.

    Is this the sort of modern, industrial aesthetic you're after?Is this the sort of modern, industrial aesthetic you're after?

    2) Polished concrete floors

    Very much in style right now, polished concrete is a modern aesthetic that can also be extremely practical. Being easy to clean and cool underfoot, as well as looking industrial and smooth, makes polished concrete floors an obvious choice.

    Removing old flooring can be easy with a floor stripper, and if you've got concrete already laid underneath then you're most of the way there - just start sanding away. The actual polishing process will require a floor polisher, and after that's completed you'll be left with a sustainable and worry-free surface around your home. Industrial is easy, modern and often cost-effective.

    3) Bookshelves instead of wallpaper

    Where wallpaper is concerned, it can be a real hit -and-miss process. Some looks great, while other styles fall short. However, if you have a plain wall that you want to spruce up, get busy making a bookshelf. Not only are they great for storing books, which can look amazing, but you can decorate with trinkets and other cool items to make it stand out.

    Adding some bookshelves is an easy way to decorate a room.Adding some bookshelves is an easy way to decorate a room.

    All you'll need is some wood, a cordless electric screwdriver to put the shelves together, and an explosive nail gun from Kennards Hire to fasten it safely to the wall.

    Want to create something modern in your house this autumn? Get the right tools for the job with Kennards Hire.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.