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    Bathroom renovation tips from the professionals

    Published on 15 June 2014, Sunday, 10:09 AM

    If you are thinking of remodelling, refurbishing or redecorating your bathroom, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices available.

    Here are some tips from professional interior designers to help you achieve the look you are aiming for in the bathroom.

    Bath vs shower

    One of the top questions on the tip of many renovators' tongues is whether it is better to install a luxurious shower or an old-fashioned tub.

    One of the US's top designers, Cindy McClure from Grossmueller's Design, wrote in the Washington Post about this issue and said that most owners are now looking for top quality showers rather than tubs.

    "In speaking with real estate agents that I know, so long as there is another bathroom with a tub, it doesn't hurt resale and can even help to have a great shower," she wrote in the Washington Post on April 10.

    Choosing your layout carefully

    It is best to work with the existing layout where possible, according to Selling Houses Australia's Shaynna Blaze.

    This means you won't need to fiddle around with the plumbing, as this could be a costly venture.

    "It's easy enough to replace a vanity but if you rip out a bath, you'll have to deal with waterproofing issues that can add to your costs," said Ms Blaze on

    Select durable flooring

    It is essential to think about what you will be standing on, according to Karen Cole Banack and Melody Duron from Style at Home.

    These interior design experts say durable floors are a must and suggest renovators look at marble, stone or ceramic tiles. This is because these are tough as well as being waterproof.

    If you are worried about stepping onto a cold surface in the morning, subfloor heating coils can be added. Well-sealed hardwood floors are another way to incorporate natural warmth into your home and can contrast the other cold, hard surfaces in the bathroom. Just make sure you sand the floor well!

    Choose your paint colours wisely

    If you are renovating a small space, you might be able to select certain paint colours that can make the room appear bigger.

    There are also other painting tips you can glean from the experts.

    For example, Interior Designer William Sofield told the Architectural Digest that he often chooses a different colour in paint to achieve the right balance in the space.

    "Imagine all the surfaces of a room simply as reflectors of light and then choose paint values, tones, and colours that will accentuate or minimise differences," he said.

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