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    Bathroom trends for winter 2014

    Published on 15 June 2014, Sunday, 1:55 AM

    Are you looking to improve your bathroom and create a welcoming and inviting space? You may be interested to see what modern trends are going to be popular this winter.

    Not only will investing in bathroom DIY help to boost your own enjoyment of your home, but it can also help to increase your resell value in future.

    Here are some ideas to consider incorporating into the space.

    Natural stone

    An earthy palette is going to be all the rage this season, with sandstones and lava tones proving immensely popular.

    Look for benches in beige and grey tones to create a more soothing atmosphere.

    Natural stone can be seen in all elements of the home from the floor to the ceiling as well as in the basins and tiles.


    Creating a natural look is clearly en vogue, and this organic product is perfect if you want to lend depth and warmth to an otherwise cool space. Consider investing in hardwood floors in the bathroom to give timeless appeal.

    To ensure the wood is as flawless as possible, make sure you sand the floor and take care of it with regular maintenance. 

    Multi-generational living

    A trend that is shining through at the moment are bathrooms designed to care for all members of the family, including elderly parents or even older children coming home.

    It could be necessary to add tools such as roll in shower chairs and rails to support these groups.

    Or, it you may choose to build a new bathroom in order to accommodate extra people in the house.

    Eco friendly

    This trend looks set to remain in full focus, and that means including water efficient shower heads, dual flushing toilets and using environmentally friendly building materials, such as sustainable wood.

    More efficient lighting options, such as LED light bulbs, are also becoming increasingly common, as a way to reduce electricity prices and better the environment.


    As technology begins to play an even more important role in society, it's no wonder bathrooms have joined this trend, with state-of-the-art technology being used more and more.

    This includes USB plugs being installed next to normal electricity sockets and settings to more easily adjust water pressure and massage settings.

    Many of these so-called digital showers can now be programmed by a remote control, which allows every person to set their individualised preference for their shower settings.

    Built in docking systems for music are also becoming popular as are hidden speakers.

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    Nathan Mills
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