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    Bookings for this season just got a little easier for AFL fans

    Published on 22 January 2019, Tuesday, 8:34 PM

    For the true blue Aussie Rules fan, there is no place better to watch a game than from the home stadium of your team, surrounded by mates and fellow supporters.

    The people are friendlier, the chants better and the atmosphere more familiar.

    However, round organisation can often mean that your team plays games out of state more than you would like.

    Not to mention that sometimes the team you support is not may not be your local one - brave choice, friends.

    In this case, you might find yourself planning a trip to see an away-game - and sometimes this means that any preparations for travel, accommodation and even the tickets themselves are a hassle to arrange.

    This fuss can be exacerbated by attempting to organise these things for a group of friends, workmates or just a collection of fellow fans cobbled together through loose, cheering-related affiliation.

    With this in mind, the AFL and Virgin have teamed up this season to bring fans a service that makes all those arrangements as easy to make as getting a beer from behind the stands between quarters.

    With a few clicks of your mouse you can book a comprehensive package which includes match tickets, Virgin Australia flights to and from the destination and local accommodation.

    Plus there are a whole host of extras you can include if you wish, like shows, tourist attractions and other entertainment for the times when you are not in the stands, shouting yourself hoarse.

    All you need to do is choose a team and a destination from the home page, follow a few customised steps and voila - everything is sorted for you!

    You can even secure packages for the finals, and they are still a while away. The marvels of modern technology mean that if your team is skilled enough to get into the top two you can be there with them, cheering and celebrating from a great seat that you managed to get because you planned ahead.

    See the Western Bulldogs play St Kilda in Round Three, marvel at the tremendous pitting of Port Adelaide against Fremantle in Round 18 or cheer for North Melbourne as they take on Essendon in Round 20.

    And relax, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much celebrating you do at the game, there will definitely be a bed waiting for you and your travel companions.

    Organisation has never been so important, or so simple!

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.