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    Boom lifts for warehouse work

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 4:53 AM

    If you've got any kind of warehouse work coming up that requires accessing tough to reach spots, you might benefit from boom lift hire.

    Boom lifts, otherwise known as cherry pickers, provide maximum reach with minimum human output. They're versatile and reliable, and offer greater manoeuvrability than scissor lifts.

    This means they're a great choice for jobs that require getting into tight spaces, such as narrow channels and high corners.

    You might want to consider the knuckle boom 30ft battery electric lift for any indoor jobs that have narrow access. The range of uses for this specific type of cherry picker include facilities maintenance, factory fit-outs, painting, events, warehouse upkeep and cleaning inside large areas.

    If you're into the nitty-gritty details of lifts, you'll be pleased to know that this one has a jib boom and basket rotate, plus non-market tyres and no tail or boom swing.

    As with operating any piece of mechanical equipment, safety is paramount. Inspect the environment you will be working in before you start, including any eroded or uneven grounding, and overhanging material that could interfere with your or the cherry picker.

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    Nathan Mills
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