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    Branch of the Month: Moorabbin

    Published on 18 March 2018, Sunday, 11:05 AM

    Kennards Hire wouldn't be the company it is today without the fantastic branch teams that keep our equipment in working order, deliver equipment to busy construction sites, and endeavour to make our customers' jobs easy.

    It’s time that we show our customers and fan who the people are that make this company such a fantastic business and place to work.  Each month we'll be showcasing one of our branch teams, giving the branch an opportunity to show you who they are and a taste of what work life at a Kennards Hire branch looks like.

    What better way to kick this off than with the 2017 Branch of the Year award winner, Moorabbin! Every year, all of our branches across Australia and New Zealand go through our Quality Operations Management system. QOM grades a branch on everything from customer service, cleanliness of the equipment and branch, to safety. Moorabbin lead the pack with a score of 97.323%. In our first Branch of the month post, we interview Anthony, branch manager for Moorabbin, on what it’s like to work at the award winning Moorabbin branch.

     The Kennards Hire Moorabbin team

    How many are on the team and who has what responsibilities in the branch?

    We’ve got seven full timers and two casuals at the moment. Aaron is the assistant manager, Leon is the hire controller, Jerry is the maintenance controller. John, Michael and Owen are our serviceman drivers.

    Does everyone have a nickname?

    Haha, no not really!  Mikey is Mikey and Aaron is Dawsy or A-Aron and that’s about it!

    How long has everyone been working at the branch?

    Aaron has been here for nearly 10 years, Jerry for 6 years. I’ve actually been with the company for 15 years but only at this location for 2 years, Leon as well. Owen has been here for a year. John is about three years and Mikey is about 2 and a half years.  So it’s a good mix of long standing employees and relatively new staff.


    Moorabbin team keeping the yard in mint condition by repainting the lines on the pavement

    Describe the team in three words.

    There’s not three words that can describe them!  Maybe quirky, funny and at times moody. Haha

    What’s a typical day like at the branch?

    Typical day is busy, and we’re always out on the road.  The drivers are always constantly in and out of the branch.  Maintenance controllers are always busy and customers are in and out all day.  There’s never a dull moment here!

    What does your team like most about working at Kennards Hire?

    It’s the family environment.  The Kennards Hire core value One Family is very big here.  We all look after each other.  We pull each other up if we’re not being safe, making sure we’re doing alright and help whenever someone needs it.

    Tell a funny story of something that happened in the branch.

    I can't think of one thing as there has been a few, from when customers drive in the wrong gate and then decide to make a 3 point turn to go back out the exit gate or to the customer that picked up a 3.6ft platform ladder and used his bed linen on the roof of his car to protect it and then tie it down on both bumpers as he didn't have and roof racks.

    Do you all hang out outside of work?  What do you all do together?

    No not really, a couple of the guys hang out at the gym and play video games together outside of work.

    The sunken boat a customer needed help with
    What’s the most interesting project a customer had that our equipment helped make their job easy?

    There was a customer that in 2016 hired a pump to drain out his boat that had sunk in Mordialloc Creek.   Pump worked like a dream to get the boat out of the creek.  We saw he had his work cut out for him when he brought the boat in when he returned the equipment!

    Anyone have interesting hobbies outside of work?

    Computer gamers.  Enough said! Jerry also likes his fishing and tries to get out most evenings.

    What makes your team the best team to work with?

    For me personally we all get along well, we can have a joke and work well together.  Everyone knows there job, and there’s never any bossing around.  If you don’t get along with your team then there’s no chance that the branch as a whole will succeed.

    Anthony Clarke accepting the award for Branch of the Year for Moorabbin

    What did it mean to win Branch of the Year?

    Achieving a score of 97.323% was unbelievable.  It’s a big thing – to be Number One – that we all focus on through the rounds of QOM, as well as keeping our finances ticking over.  All in all, what the win really means to us is that the branch is running up to the standards expected, and in some areas, even better.

    As far as the team goes, the win has given us extra motivation.  Although, we now feel like we’ve got a bit of a target on our back, because everyone will be chasing that makes us want to work even harder to win it again next year!

    How do you personally feel about winning the Branch of the Year award?  And your team?

    It means a lot.  I’ve been with the company for 15 years and took over as Branch Manager about two years ago.  So to be able to do it in my first year as Branch Manager is just awesome.

    The guys waited up for my call on the night of the award, so it was a big night.  They were over the moon, especially seeing we get along so well and think of ourselves as all working for the same team.  When we took out the Victorian BOY they were happy, and then to win the company wide BOY, they were even happier.  They were all pretty excited about it all!

    How did you do it?  What made the difference between your team and another winning Branch of the Year?

    Since I came to Moorabbin, my attitude has been to try and make “Every Customer a Raving Fan” (one of the four Kennards Hire core values) and at least try to attempt to make everything happen, so we rarely say no to anything.  We have a “Yes” and can-do attitude within the branch and the team really have taken that on.  Everyone here wants the same things, so it’s made it a lot easier to accomplish.  They each do their bit and have their own special part they bring to the team.

    The Moorabbin team at the Victoria QOM awards

    What advice would you give to anyone who wants to work for Kennards Hire?

    Just do it!  I’ve been here for 15 years, and it’s been a great career path.  Everything that I’ve learnt is taught to staff throughout the company.

    Give an example of how the team exemplifies the KH core values.

    We have a “yes attitude” so if a customer needs something we don’t have it we try and source it for them. We always look after each other. 

    Ask the entire team for their answer – if you were on a deserted island, what three KH tools would you want with you and why?

    Out of all staff Jerry's was the funniest. Jerry loves to mow the nature strip and have it looking its best so he would take a Lawn Mower, Lawn Trimmer & a Lawn Blower so that he had a nice patch of lawn to look at oh and he would have a fishing rod as he loves fishing.

    Nathan Mills portrait image
    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.