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    Breaking down barriers with Kennards Concrete Care

    Published on 21 March 2019, Thursday, 4:26 AM

    The right tools are as critical for demolition as they are for construction. Without them, jobs can quickly become much less safe and efficient, while costs can rise substantially.

    There's a lot more that goes into deconstruction than just wrecking balls and jackhammers. In addition to the tools necessary for breaking up old concrete and brick structures, contractors need to use the right dust control measures to keep workers - and the surrounding community - safe.

    Kennards Concrete Care has any piece of equipment you may need to ensure the air quality surrounding a project stays at healthy levels. These products include vacuums, dust suppression units, separators, extractors, collectors and air cleaners - all of which effectively trap the particles that become airborne during demolition projects.

    Dust suppression units have proven to be extremely effective in several demolition settings. These products create a very fine mist that is sprayed during the projects, which captures dust particles and brings them to the ground. This will not only protect workers, but also ensure your business remains in compliance with federal, state or corporate safety standards.

    Real-world applications

    Deconstruction projects all over Australia have benefitted from dust control measures, such as the dust suppressor from Kennards Concrete Care. Most recently, the University of Melbourne undertook a delicate project to demolish a four-storey building without harming the structure's outer facade.

    Adding more difficulty to the project, the demolition was to take place in close proximity to students and faculty at the university. The school decided the best solution would be to hire a dust suppression unit from Kennards Concrete Care.

    Trent Leen, site supervisor on the project, stated that the nearby students were a serious concern, and air quality would have to be a top priority.

    "We had to give assurances this would be  minimal and not impact on the students or faculty members," Mr Leen said.

    "The dust suppression unit allowed us to give that assurance."

    Mr Leen added that the unit could easily be moved wherever it would be most effective around the construction site, and even cut down on the number of workers - and, in turn, expenses - the project required.

    Kennards Concrete Care has all the tools you might need to successfully and safely complete your next demolition project, including floor and surface cleaning products, cutting, sawing and drilling tools and concrete mixers/pumpers.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.