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    Builder penalised $24,000 for non-compliant building work

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 1:40 AM

    The importance of complying with building laws was highlighted in a Victorian case, after a building practitioner was penalised a total of $24,000 for carrying out domestic building work without a building permit, insurance and registration.

    The Building Commission reported on April 2, that a Victorian resident received the penalty in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria following prosecution and was ordered to pay costs of $101.60.

    The court was told that in April 2011, the Newport resident  - who wasn't registered as a building practitioner at the time - had a verbal agreement with the property owner to carry out over $200,000 worth of building work at the Reservoir address.

    This work included a kitchen extension, internal alterations, demolition of part of the dwelling and a roof replacement.

    Work commenced around April 18 2011, without the builder obtaining a building permit or builders warranty insurance.

    On July 14 2011, the property owner paid the builder $125,000 for the work, where he stopped working at the address and did not carry out any further work, with another building practitioner completing the job.

    The original builder was penalised $21,000 for carrying out work without a building permit, the required insurance and being registered as a domestic builder with the Building Practitioners Board.

    "It is the role of the Building Commission to uphold the state’s building control system and ensure the safety, liveability and sustainability of Victoria’s built environment," the Building Commissioner Greg Hyams said.

    "This case highlights how important it is, when building around your home, to make absolutely sure that work has a building permit, and is performed by [a] registered building practitioner."

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