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    Building your own backyard fish pond

    Published on 12 March 2019, Tuesday, 4:51 AM

    If you're looking for a creative new DIY gardening project to start this spring, you may want to give a goldfish or koi pond a try.

    Not only can these outdoor aquatic habitats be entertaining for you and the whole family, but if done properly, they can add tremendous aesthetic value to your backyard or garden. If this is a project you hope to start soon, you'll need to start preparing now.

    First, you'll need to gather the right equipment, which includes filters, liners, plants, a small excavator and all necessary tools. Once you've located these items, use the excavator to dig out a small hole with roughly three layers that become deeper in equal increments.

    Be sure there is a lip at the edge that is higher than the surrounding ground.

    Lay the lining in the hole, and when you fill it in with water, make sure the weight pushes the lining flush with the dirt below.

    A filter will ensure scum can't build up, and once the necessary plants have been introduced to the ecosystem, it will be about ready to add fish.

    Do some research on what common garden fish require to thrive. This shouldn't be too difficult, though, as koi and goldfish - the most common pond fish - take to new environments easily if done properly.

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    Nathan Mills
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