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Project Overview

Once you’ve prepared your soil, you’ll have a nice smooth surface ready to lay your new turf on.  You’re almost finished with this project!  If you haven’t done the prep work yet for turf laying, check out part 1 of this blog first!


You’ll need the following equipment for this part of the project:

Kennards Hire has the experience and know-how to help you with your next DIY project. For more information get in touch with your local branch today.

Step By Step

Lay the Turf
Fill in any gaps
Enjoy your new lawn!
Lay the Turf
It’s really important that you lay the turf as soon as you can, ideally on the day it’s delivered. Rolled turf can easily dry out in the harsh sun, and you don’t want a brand new dead lawn!
Start off by wetting the smoothed out area where you’re going to lay turf. You want to the soil moist, but not muddy or have excess water run off. Using a hose with a spray nozzle is best to even moisturise this layer.
Once it’s nice and watered, you’re ready to roll out your turf. Start with running a roll on the edge of the area to give a nice finish at the end of the lawn area. Try to get each roll as close to the one next to it as possible to avoid creating any gaps, but make sure they don’t overlap either. You can lift the edges of each roll up and put them back down together to get them to mesh together nicely. Some of the rolls might not create a perfect join with your header roll. That’s okay! Simply use your secateurs or shears to cut off any excess to create a neater and less visible join.
Fill in any gaps
Don’t throw away those off cuts just yet! When you’re laying around irregular objects like a clothesline or a garden bed, use those off cuts to fill in any holes or gaps within the new turf.
With the turf laid, there’s not too much left to do! Water the turf in and use the lawn roller to pack the turf in and push out any air pockets between the turf and the under lay.

Enjoy your new lawn!
And voila! There’s your beautiful new lawn. All you have to do for the next couple of weeks is give it a good water to motivate the grass to grow and establish roots. But other than that, it’s definitely time to grab a few lawn chairs and fire up the barbie!
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