Between 17 and 20 November, high-performance cars driven by some of the fastest drivers on the planet zoomed their way around the Coffs Harbour countryside, attracting motor sports enthusiasts from all around the world. Contested over 300 kilometres of winding, challenging and yet beautiful terrain, the Kennards Hire Rally Australia is one of the most popular motoring events in Australia, second only to the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Kennards Hire Rally Australia is one of the most popular motoring events in the country.

Such an immense and significant rally takes an enormous amount of organising. As the naming rights sponsor of the rally, we at Kennards Hire were on hand to provide the event with everything it needed to ensure it was a roaring success. This was no small-scale local race meet - the eyes of the world were on Coffs Coast for those four high-octane days, not to mention the thousands of spectators descending on Coffs Harbour to witness the spectacle.

Rallying for success

Kennards Hire provided a large proportion of the equipment needed to keep everything running smoothly. This included 20 lighting towers, 200 portaloos, 80 generators and 80 water barriers, amongst a whole host of other stuff. We started to install this equipment at the start of November to ensure it would be ready in time for the main event. It was a tough ask, but a challenge the team relished. 

"[Even though] we worked to some incredibly tight deadlines, [we] were able to deliver ahead of schedule on a consistent basis," said Konrad Stempniak, our go-to man for the Rally. 

The scene is set for a white-knuckle race to the finish!The scene was set for a white-knuckle race to the finish!

The whole thing was put together by Kennards Hire employees, too - quite an undertaking for a task of this scale! This showcased the incredible breadth of knowledge that our staff have come to be known for, as Konrad explains:

"Kennards Hire has a great policy of investing in our people, so the skillsets required are able to be sourced from within the company which makes delivering massive jobs like this much easier."

Help always for hire

It perhaps goes without saying that sponsoring and organising an event of this magnitude takes a whole lot of meticulous planning. Our team started to put together the foundations of the Rally plan way back in March 2015, and a full year-and-a-half later, we're really seeing all that hard work pay off.

Of course, many of our customers don't require 200 portaloos, but that doesn't mean we can't look after you just as well as we did the Rally Championship. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly, helpful team to find out more about our services.