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    Cherry picker used to rescue stranded Sydney Monorail passengers

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 5:52 AM

    Sydney firefighters were faced with a unique rescue mission recently, after the city's monorail network was brought to a stop by a power outage in the area.

    Passengers on the Sydney Monorail were left stranded for hours, waiting patiently for rescuers to remove them with a cherry picker.

    The system stopped mid-route, leaving about 80 passengers, including several children, stuck near Paddy's Market.

    Without electricity to resume the trains, firefighters relied on cranes, ladders and cherry pickers to rescue passengers.

    While this kind of scenario may be a rare occurrence, it does highlight how access equipment can become a lifesaver in some situations.

    Tradies may not have to conduct rescue missions, but using cherry pickers and similar equipment can be helpful when carrying out jobs at a height.

    Power outages don't just affect transport networks, they can also stall jobs on construction sites, with a lack of electricity bringing work to a stop.

    In the event of a blackout, tradies may benefit from hiring a generator from their local Kennards Hire branch, enabling them to continue all power-related work.

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