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    Cleaning and floor care: The gear you need

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 8:01 PM

    From carpets to concrete floors, every surface will at some point need to be given a really good clean. Whether it's a factory floor that's about to be given a fresh coat of paint, or even an office building being prepared for sale, you're likely going to need to bring in some heavy-duty cleaning gear.

    Thankfully, finding the right gear isn't actually that difficult, and with the range from Kennards Hire, you'll be able to restore a surface to near-new condition in no time at all.

    Let's take a look at some of the best options available right now.

    Tackling carpet jobs

    Starting off with carpet, this is a surface that's pretty much ubiquitous with the modern office building. Unsurprisingly, this means you're going to need to clean and care for it on a regular basis. It's quite easy with the right equipment.


    We've got both carpet and fabric cleaners available that can tackle even the oldest office buildings, meaning you'll have no problem cleaning dirty carpets. They're also useful for dealing with rugs, lounges and other carpet surfaces. If you need to dry water logged carpets or clean plastic grass, these are the tools you need.

    Our newest equipment includes a powerful vacuum pickup along with a helpful user guide that makes it easy for you to pick up the gear and get to work.


    If you've experienced a flood at home (we hope it wasn't due to a weekend DIY project gone wrong!), then you'll need to pull out the big guns and deploy carpet dryers. This type of equipment is quite powerful, and easily able to tackle spaces both small and large.

    You've got a couple of options here, and we've outlined these below.

    Blower dryers: These tools are quite simple. Basically, you place them underneath the carpet, and they blow large volumes of air to start drying them. They also have the added benefit of preventing mildew from settling in, which is really important for health reasons.

    Dehumidifiers: This portable 240V unit is a great choice for remote locations, as you can simply charge it up before loading it onto the back of a trailer. Then, it works by removing moisture from the air and depositing the water in a tank. You may want to consider using this unit with the blowers mentioned above.

    How to handle concrete

    Concrete can be harder to care for, but again, with the right gear, it's quite easy. You're able to hire polishers and grinders to create really perfect surfaces.


    It's easy to strip, scrub, burnish and polish a concrete floor with floor polishers from Kennards Hire. They're also a really versatile tool, and can be put to use on timber, vinyl and even painted floors. Few other pieces of equipment are as easy to maintain, as by changing the floor pads you can restore to it to near new working order.


    Unlike many other surfaces, concrete is one that can be relatively easily adjusted, as long as you have the right equipment. This process is called grinding, and we have a large range of gear available to ensure you're able to get the job done.

    Situp and grind: This is a hand tool that's perfect for small areas, or edge work on a floor. It also incorporates a small stool on wheels to make the job less tiresome.

    Double head: A walk-behind unit, this grinder is useful for levelling large concrete surfaces or even removing soft compounds from concrete. For example, if a factory floor is covered in mortar or grout, this is the best tool for the job.

    Richmond concrete grinders: These diamond head tools are suitable for the toughest jobs you can throw at them, including indoor work. They can remove paint, fibreglass, epoxy and adhesives, along with imperfections on a concrete surface. We've got a choice of models here, there's a light variant for compact projects and a heavy duty unit for all bigger jobs.

    Stripping back floors

    Finally, it's time to take a look at the tools for stripping back floors. This will often become necessary if you're renovating a house or an office space with a floor covered in vinyl tiles, bitumen or malthoid.

    Our Sammy unit is perfect for this type of work, you can use it on both concrete and timber floors. It's also adept at removing grease and dirt build up, along with fibreglass droppings.

    There's really no better option if you need to strip a surface back to what it was originally, before either taking a concrete grinder to it or laying down a new floor.

    Floor care is an important part of home ownership and building renovations, but it means little if you don't have the right gear available. Make sure to get in touch with Kennards Hire if you want to learn more about the range of equipment we have on offer.

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