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    Diamonds are a concrete workers' best friend, too

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 5:52 AM

    You may not expect to find diamonds amid the rugged worksites of concrete repair and renovation projects, but these dazzling minerals actually play an imperative role in efficient concrete shaping, sanding and grinding.

    It shouldn't come as too much a surprise though, considering diamonds are the hardest minerals on earth and can cut just about any other material. But before you hire any diamond cutting products from Kennards Concrete Care, make sure you know the exact type of tool you need to get the job done right the first time.

    Choosing the right diamond for your concrete cutting project is essential for productivity, diamond wear and overall performance. When choosing a tool, make sure to keep segment shape, grit and bond in mind, as these characteristics will be unique to each construction job.

    For example, if you're working with concrete that has been ruined by rain or other forms of water, you'll need a diamond ideal for softer, more abrasive concrete. This would typically mean choosing a tool with a hard bond and a 30/40 grit that would provide a finish similar to a trowel.

    If you're honing concrete that's extremely hard, you'll want a soft 30/40, and then follow this up with a 120g to polish away any scratches the 30/40 left.

    Using diamonds to remove left over glue and vinyl

    Diamond tools are also perfect for getting rid of any residual glue or vinyl from concrete, but just like with any project, you'll need to make sure you choose the right product. For clearing up thin vinyl glue from old concrete, try using an arrowhead segment with a hard medium bond. This will keep any wear to a minimum.

    If the residual vinyl glue is thick, you'll want to use a polycrystalline diamond to get the bulk of it off, then finish it off with a 30/40 diamond. Keep in mind that the exact bond you'll need will depend on the type of concrete that is below the glue.

    If there is any cement-based ceramic tile adhesive on the concrete, it can be removed with a hard bond diamond since the adhesive is abrasive.

    Kennards Concrete Care has a full range of diamonds available for any application involving concrete, stone or other hard surfaces, and all products are guaranteed to perform at their peak and limit wear. 

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