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    DIY info: How to install a toilet - Part 1

    Published on 7 April 2015, Tuesday, 3:52 AM

    A new toilet is an essential part of any bathroom renovation and sometimes it's just a necessary replacement due to wear and tear. Whether you're giving your entire ensuite a new look or you're simply replacing the main bathroom's porcelain throne, you can save some money by doing the install yourself.

    Because all of the plumbing is already connected for the current toilet, there is not much in the way of pipe-work that needs doing. In essence, you are simply replacing the hardware with something that is a bit more aesthetically pleasing - or perhaps slightly more functional.

    This three part series will take you through the essential steps of installing a new toilet. In this first part, we'll tackle the measurements and purchasing of your commode.

    Get your measurements right

    As with any DIY bathroom job, the measurements need to be exact. Not only will this ensure that you purchase the correct fitting for your water closet, it also means you can optimise just how comfortable the space is.

    Check to see how much room you have by measuring from the walls to the bolt holes in the toilet - this way you know exactly how much space your new loo can take up without making your bathroom seem cramped.

    Remember that the base of the toilet needs to fit between the current pipe location and the rear wall. If it's oversized the space won't accommodate it. If it's undersized, depending on the design, an extended pipe could do the trick. Ideally find a snug fit.

    Purchase your loo

    Buying your toilet is the next step. You can either get a one-piece toilet or a separate bowl and cistern. You may also want to upgrade the seat by purchasing a separate one that is more comfortable or better looking.

    A big consideration in your loo purchase is the water efficiency of the model you choose. Not only will this lower your water bill, but it can save the country a lot of water wastage. New toilets have a Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards sticker on it that tells you how good it is at conserving water.

    New dual flush loos use around a quarter of the volume of water older models consume when the half flush option is utilised. There are even some 5-star models that reuse water from a hand basin to flush, according to the Department of Industry and Science. Alternatively, you could consider connecting up a rain water tank as part of completing your bathroom refit.

    The Your Energy Savings website has a lot of information on water efficiency, as well as some grants that can save you money on installing water-efficient plumbing, be sure to check it out before heading to the store or shopping online.

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