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    Does your work space need environment control equipment?

    Published on 19 May 2016, Thursday, 8:44 PM

    When working on a larger project, making sure you're comfortable and in a safe space is incredibly important. It can be the difference between a potential trip to the hospital and curling up comfy in bed at night having finished the work and stayed healthy the whole time.

    Below are some examples of what sort of gear you can use to control the environment in your work space, ranging from being too hot or too cold, to being way too dry or even too damp.

    Get it right, and avoid the chance of risking your health, while getting through that list of tasks you've been putting off for so long.

    Keeping it warm and dry

    A blower dryer is going to help with drying out the room entirely, including under the carpet.

    Has a pipe burst recently, causing water damage and making a huge amount of clean-up work for you? Fear not, a blower dryer is going to help with drying out the room entirely, including that all-important space under the carpet.

    It just requires a spare power plug, and while they can be a little noisy, it's going to be much more cost-effective than ripping up your slightly damaged carpet and laying new product down!

    To dry out the walls, a dehumidifier is your best bet. A rotor turns that draws moisture out while pushing dry air back into the atmosphere - the moisture that is drawn out collects in a bucket inside the machine, so all you have to do is empty that when it's full! This is perfect for bathroom DIY projects.

    If you're needing to do some work in a cold place, turn on a small space heater for maximum efficiency and a quickly warmed room. Work Safe Victoria suggests that confined working spaces can be dangerous because the threats are not always readily apparent. This means that taking precautions to protect yourself against any environment is very important.

    And going the other way - cold and wet!

    It might seem strange, but in many places around Australia, people struggle to work safely because the air is too dry. It's something most prevalent in factories. For this, a misting fan that blows a light mist around the room is the perfect solution.

    Would a fresh misting help you to stay fresh in a work space?Would a fresh misting help you to stay fresh in a work space?

    Keeping hot areas cool can also be a real hassle - an air conditioner from Kennards Hire can help you there. Take Perth median temperatures from the Bureau of Meteorology, for example: the mean maximum temperature for February is a whopping 31.7 degrees Celsius. That heat inside a poorly ventilated room at the top of a house is never going to be comfortable!

    Talk to your local Kennards Hire today to see what other options are available for your DIY environment control.

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