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    Everybody's talking about Samsung Galaxy S III

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 3:31 AM

    In the everyday world of tradespeople across the country, a bit of technology can go a long way toward making communication easier and entertainment more accessible.

    Smartphones have been inching their way into Australians' business lives over the past couple of years, having their influence over everything from accounting methods to client interaction to marketing devices.

    Owning your own small enterprise as a tradie can be a challenge, however being able to make use of the latest mobile technology can add value to your clients' experience and your own business plan.

    And with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S III to the smartphone market, suddenly much more is on offer - or so the industry hype would indicate!

    Launched last Thursday (May 31), the handset was already hotly anticipated, coming off the back of the popular Galaxy S II and the large-screened Galaxy Note.

    Initial reviews of the handset are showing that the pre-release excitement was not just hype - and proving the Galaxy S III to be up to the challenge of securing the top spot for smartphones.

    PC World Australia reviewed the phone this week (June 4) and described it as the best Android phone currently on the market - here are a few reasons why.

    As far as standard features go, it seems the phone has all the best-quality ingredients - it runs the latest Android operating system, Icecream Sandwich, and has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display. All that basically means it is fast and pretty-looking.

    But the tech-mag identified battery life as one of the main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S III beats out the contenders.

    According to his report, PC World Australia's Ross Catanzariti got a full 12 hours of run time from the lithium-ion battery, from what he considered to be a "heavy day of use".

    The rounded shape was described as comfortable, exhibiting a concern for user-friendliness over style, and the flexible toughness of the polycarbonate plastic casing makes the large handset easy to look after.

    All of this is good for tradies - a strong but stylish phone that features everything that a worker-on-the-move could need or want.

    The Samsung Galaxy S III will set you back around $900 - but is likely much more cost-effective on a call plan.

    Whether you decide that the device is the one for you or not, there's no denying that the technology associated with its release is definitely an indicator of things to come.

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    Nathan Mills
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