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    Fabulous feature walls

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 6:04 AM

    With spring almost here, it might be time to spritz up your home - embarking on some painting projects to brighten up your home with the new season.

    DIY painting can be a fun and rewarding job - whether it be just splashing the kitchen with some colour, or giving the whole house a makeover.

    And if you want to try something a bit different, why not focus your energy on just one surface and paint a feature wall?

    This effective technique will instantly give a room a boost, without meaning a huge project for the homeowner!

    You can either choose a feature wall of one colour to make a bold statement, or you can experiment with a pattern.

    In style at the moment are horizontal stripes in contrasting colours of the same shade - adding definition and perspective to an otherwise plain wall.

    To create this look at home, apply the main colour of paint to the whole wall - ensuring you are working with a clean surface.

    Once dry, you can try out where you would like the horizontal lines to go - keep in consideration any pictures, furniture or fittings near the wall.

    When you are happy with where the lines are going, you can draw them in place.

    Border each line with masking tape and fill in the stripes with your contrasting colour.

    Once it is dry, you can remove the tape and fix up any paint bleeds with a small brush tip.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.