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    Kennards Hire shuts-up-shop for Family Day

    Published on 28 May 2017, Sunday, 6:12 PM

    Kennards Hire shuts-up-shop for Family Day

    Sunday, 21 May was a big day for Kennards Hire.  Each and every one of Kennards Hire’s 170-odd branches shut-up-shop for the day, with staff invited to bring their families along to the annual Kennards Hire Family Day celebration.

    The yearly tradition was a resounding success, with around 600 Kennards Hire staff and their families in attendance at the Cockle Bay Sydney event alone, which was just one of 21 Family Day events held across Australia and New Zealand.

    Family Day is the most important day in the Kennards Hire calendar. It represents an opportunity for staff and their families to spend the day together doing something fun, and further strengthen the family bonds outside of the workplace.

    Angus Kennard, CEO of Kennards Hire, couldn’t be happier with how this year’s Family Day unfolded.

    “We had a huge turnout, and there was an overwhelming feeling of ‘family’ on Sunday. However, it’s not just about valuing our people for one day a year. We’re a family business, we make sure that family values are present in everything that we do.” Angus explained.

    “That isn’t limited to those with the Kennard surname. Every single one of our people are part of this family, and for us, it’s very important that we show our workplace kin just how much we appreciate them. That’s what Family Day is all about,” Angus concluded.

     While Kennards Hire branches were closed on the Sunday, customers could still book hires via the online hire platform. All branches are now back to normal operating hours.


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