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    Fluke 435 Series II

    Published on 26 July 2016, Tuesday, 1:31 PM

    Fluke 435 Series II Three Phase Power Quality and Energy Analysers 

    Kennards Hire Test & Measure has added equipment to its product stable that is set to raise the bar for the electrical industry.

    The Fluke 435 Series II is a power quality analyser offering an unparalleled level of detail. Ideal for industrial electricians, the new Fluke 435 Series II models helps to locate, predict, prevent, and trouble-shoot all issues surrounding power quality, both in three-phase, and single-phase power distribution systems.

    Measuring and quantifying energy losses as the result of issues from harmonics and unbalance, the Fluke-patented energy loss algorithm known as Unified Power Measurement, allows the user to pinpoint energy waste origins within the system.

    Fluke’s 430 series of three-phase power quality and energy analysers are designed and made for modern day industrial electricians, to offer the best in power quality analysis, and for the first time ever, introduce the ability to monetarily quantify energy losses.

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    Nathan Mills
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