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    Garden landscaping may call for replacement of uprooted pavers

    Published on 24 February 2012, Friday, 6:13 AM

    Uprooted pavers are a common problem for homeowners with outdoor space - and while a backyard can provide enormous aesthetic and lifestyle benefits, it also has the potential to become unsightly if you do not keep an eye on it.

    A paved area lined by trees and garden beds creates a lovely atmosphere and the ideal setting for an afternoon under the sun's rays reading the paper.

    But what do you do when tree roots start to encroach on this valuable space, causing pavers to be driven out of the ground and create a potential trip hazard?

    There are a few possible solutions to the issue, but perhaps the simplest is to lift the pavers out with a crowbar or sufficiently sturdy screwdriver - allowing you to cut back the root of the problem.

    To remove the unwanted extensions you may need to use a bolster, hammer and pruning saw.

    The next step is to rescreed the sand bed and place the pavers back where they belong to ensure your DIY garden can continue to flourish and look its best this season.

    Finally, ensure a flat surface is laid with a spirit level and fill the joint gaps with dry sand using a broom.

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    Nathan Mills
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