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    Garden pest control: Part 1

    Published on 17 December 2012, Monday, 5:33 AM

    Growing your vegetables is both enjoyable and rewarding, therefore it can be frustrating to have annoying pests undo all your hard work.

    If you plan on doing some garden DIY this summer, it is important that you invest in some pest control to protect your plants.

    Fruit fly, caterpillars and aphids are just a few problems that may arise in your garden - the following tips will help keep your vegetable patch healthy.


    When choosing a pesticide for your garden, it is vital that you make sure it is useable with vegetables - you don't want to be eating any nasties.

    Pyrethrum is ideal to control aphids, but there are a number of other products on the market as well.

    Tomato protection

    Tomatoes are susceptible to a number of diseases including the spotted virus wilt which is incurable.

    To protect the fruit from disease and fruit fly, place some pantyhose over the developing tomatoes. This will keep out pests, while still allowing your plant to get plenty of sunshine.

    Boosting nutrients

    Healthy plants are a lot less likely to be attacked by insects and disease. Too much or too little water and fertiliser can weaken a plant's natural defences, as can nutrient-deficient soil.

    Add lots of organic matter to create a rich base from which your vegetables can grow. You can add lime or sulphur to help create the right PH level.

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