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    Get creative with spray painting

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 11:37 PM

    Some think of it as a criminal activity, others a viable form of artistic expression; whatever your opinion, spray painting is a much more versatile technique than it often gets credit for. That goes for more than just graffiti, too, around the home there might be some creative uses for spray paint that you haven't thought of.

    While it may not be a suitable technique for some of your larger DIY painting projects, spraying can be a great way to make use of leftover paint. Take a look around your home, and if you see any bland, tired looking furniture or decor, open your mind to how you can liven it up.

    You might be surprised what you can use spray paint for. You might be surprised what you can use spray paint for.
    Give your flat pack furniture a unique twist

    Anyone who has ever moved into a new home can probably attest to the benefits of flat pack furniture. It's affordable, easy to transport and relatively reliable, all the things you look for when you're kitting out your new space on the cheap. One of the only real downsides to flat pack is that it's usually incredibly plain.

    If you're sick of looking at drab, boring furniture, give it a spruce up with a compact spray gun from Kennards Hire. Whether you pool together leftover paint from your garage, or head out for some funky new colours, it's easy to introduce a little fun into your furnishings with the right equipment.

    It's easy to introduce a little fun into your furnishings with the right equipment.

    Make your vinyl more vibrant

    Vinyl furniture might be blessed with a tacky, retro charm, but as it begins to show the signs of age, it can become a bit of an eyesore. Believe it or not, one way to rejuvenate your unsightly old vinyl is with spray paint!

    The crucial element of this procedure is acquiring the correct type of paint. You may not have come across fabric and vinyl paint before, as it's most commonly used on automotive upholstery, but you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking some down. It can take a lot of layers to get a suitable finish, but the end result will be well worth it.

    Add features to fabrics

    Another unexpected use for spray paint is to add a bit of colour to other fabrics around your home, such as your curtains. For a tasteful stripe patten, all you need is your trusty spraying device, some painters tape and whatever colour you desire. It may not be right for every room in your house, but if you're after a little low-maintenance glam, give spray painting your curtains a try.

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