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    Get your smartphone security sorted

    Published on 25 January 2019, Friday, 6:02 AM

    With digital products becoming an ever ready presence in our day to day lives, most people rely heavily on technology in some way.

    And with businesses moving many of their systems to more time saving and efficient digital practises, our technology gadgets are not just integral to the running of companies, they also contain highly important information.

    With the emergence of smartphones into people's daily routines becoming more prevalent, these hi-tech mobiles are now mini-computers which can perform a multitude of tasks, including everything from emails to running sophisticated accounting systems.

    Smartphones can be an asset to a tradie - doubling as a multi-faceted communication device and enabling efficient organisation of calendars, as well as having the same performance capabilities as most computers.

    But, with so much important information stored in one device, there is an elevated security risk. No longer would the loss of your phone just result in a few misplaced numbers - vital logins, emails and internet banking details are all at risk.

    Tradies who use their smartphones as multi-functional devices integral to their livelihood should keep these considerations in mind.

    Especially so since recent research from PayPal revealed that out of the 12 million smartphone users in Australia, one in six had either had their mobile stolen or lost in the last year. And with almost half of people not using a security code on their phone, this loss could be devastating.

    If a phone ends up in the wrong hands, private and important information could be taken advantage of - and in some cases can be used for identity theft.

    However, tradies don't have to stop using their smartphone as an efficient business tool because of security threats - by ramping up your measures you can have peace of mind that if your phone does end up in the wrong hands, it will be inaccessible.

    While a phone's own security settings allow you to set a password lock on the phone, if you want to make your device extra secure there are a number of applications you can download.

    Here are some of our top rated applications -

    Alarm Lock 
    This application allows you to control your phone remotely if it is stolen or lost. With a built-in GPS tracking system, alarm and camera functionality, this app enables you to recover your smartphone easily and efficiently.

    Pattern Lock
    This popular key lock protection application allows you to personalise your security measures to your own customised pattern.

    Find my Iphone
    With a built-in GPS tracker this application will let find your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac if misplaced or stolen. Your lost device will be displayed on a map and you will be given the option of remotely locking your device to protect your personal information.

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    Nathan Mills
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