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    Getting into those tough places with safe equipment

    Published on 19 April 2016, Tuesday, 1:16 AM

    Around your property, there are probably a number of tasks that you've wanted to get out of the way for months and months, but don't have the right equipment.

    That's where Kennards Hire steps in - we have all the correct machinery, access gear and tools to make your maintenance a breeze. Heading into the cooler months, do you have a few pesky projects to get done, but can't reach the roof or high up into the trees?

    The ideas below might add a few numbers to your paper, but you might find that our equipment can make your other tasks easier and safer as well:

    1) A 5.8-metre self-propelled man lift

    Here at Kennards Hire, there are a few options for your boom lift hire needs. The 5.8-metre self-propelled man lift will help you to get just about anywhere around your property, including right up into the tallest of your trees. Well, maybe not right to the top of that beautiful old eucalyptus tree, but why would you want to lop that anyway?

    The amount of shade cast over areas of your lawn.

    There's often a need to get maintenance done high up around your property. For a start, overhanging branches can seriously affect the way your grass grows. That's because of the amount of shade cast over areas of your lawn - grass needs sunlight to grow through photosynthesis, after all.

    Large trees can also drop a huge amount of leaves and sticks and nuts, to name just a few, and these can be eyesores in your otherwise-perfect patch of outdoor paradise. When the in-laws are visiting, you'll probably want to make the garden look a little nicer than it does with all of that tree debris on the ground - but why not cut it out at the source? Get right up high, and do so safely, with one of our man lifts.

    2) Genie hoist

    There may come a time when property maintenance becomes a bit too much of a challenge for you to get out and DIY it, and a professional may need to be called in.

    To cut the costs of such projects, hiring your own equipment is a great idea. If these contractors need to get gear up high, and will end up charging an arm and a leg for doing so, then getting a 5.5-metre genie hoist onto your work site is the way to go. Keeping your work site safe is also of the utmost importance, especially when you think about the fact that your contractors are likely to have families and loved ones of their own. Taking the risk out of the lifting process with Kennards Hire's excellent equipment could significantly reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

    Don't let yourself get into this position!Don't let yourself get into this position!

    Need to lift some ducting, ventilation equipment or even an air conditioning unit above the first floor of your home? Our 5.5-metre genie hoist is the solution.Safe Work Australia reports that in 2010-11, there were 132,570 serious claims made by workers for occupational injury - equating to 13.1 serious injuries for every 1,000 workers. That's really 13.1 too many, and you can help to do your bit by getting in touch with Kennards Hire to talk about its safe access equipment.

    3) A 4.8-metre aluminium trestle

    When you don't need to get up quite as high, but need a good, solid grounding for your DIY painting or landscaping work, a 4.8-metre aluminium trestle can get you up off the ground while also giving you a safe base on which to move around.

    A trestle is a great option for painting - especially when you need to keep the tin of paint right next to you.

    A trestle is a great option for painting - especially when you need to keep the tin of paint next to you for those tricky edges that you can't quite get with an airless paint sprayer. Even if you're constantly finding yourself bending over to reach equipment that you need near you, there is a solution with a trestle. It'll essentially act as a desk on which you can keep your gear, and your back will most likely thank you as well.

    Take, for example, having to paint a first-storey window frame. Your paint brush will need to be dipped in the tin over and over, and if it's not at a good level for your back, then the amount of work you'll be doing to your poor muscles is just painful to even think about! Work Safe Australia states that approximately 58 out of every 1,000 workers experienced some kind of illness or injury due to projects of this nature through 2009-10, and you can help yourself to not be a part of that number in the future.

    Contact Kennards Hire today to talk about these and other great equipment options for your property maintenance site. It could help to save you from a trip to the hospital, and your property will reap the rewards as well.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.