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    Getting the pool ready for summer: Part 2

    Published on 7 February 2019, Thursday, 5:37 AM

    If you're lucky enough to own a pool, you will also know that at about this time of year it's time to start preparing it for use again.

    Pool maintenance is often overlooked during winter, with cool temperatures meaning most of us aren't keen enough to get in the water.

    But with summer just around the corner, that's about to change!

    Here's what you need to do to get your pool ready for the first summer dip.


    While cleaning the pool and adding the right chemicals to the water are both important, it is also vital that you survey the surroundings of your pool.

    If you haven't used your pool for a while, there is a good chance that branches, trees and shrubs have grown over. You may need to embark on some garden DIY and trim hedges and plants back if they are obscuring the pool and causing a dangerous tripping hazard .

    Filters and pumps

    Pool equipment becomes worn over time, so it is worthwhile checking pumps and filters before you declare it ready for swimming. It may be that you need a couple of parts replaced or it could be a larger problem, either way testing everything beforehand will ensure that your pool will be in working order for summer.

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