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    Give your bathroom a makeover in time for winter

    Published on 1 May 2014, Thursday, 1:07 AM

    Your bathroom is likely to be one of the most popular rooms in your house, particularly in winter when you may want to warm up in the bath or shower.

    So, now could be the perfect time to undertake some bathroom diy, so that bath or shower is ready for action when winter finally hits.

    Here are some ideas you could consider to get your bathroom winter-ready.


    There's nothing like a lick of paint to get your bathroom ready for the cooler months and to create an inviting and relaxing space.

    While whites, creams, taupes and beiges are often popular, these can be brightened up with a pop of more colour, such as a feature wall or splash of bright tiles.

    Other neutral colours to consider if you are planning some DIY painting include warm greys and cool blues.

    However, black tubs, faucets and tiles are also becoming popular ways to contrast the neutral palette sported by most bathrooms, so consider the colour of your accents.

    These can create and highlight beautiful shapes like the curves of your faucets and lights.


    Greener technology is becoming increasingly popular and many are opting for showers over baths and utilising water saving showerheads to reduce the amount of water being wasted down the drain.

    Another eco-friendly trend that you will see coming through is high efficiency flushing for toilets. This means many people are choosing to have low-flow toilets.


    The online design trends magazine Houzz recently conducted a survey of its members and found most of those who are planning renovations do not plan on installing a bathtub in the master or ensuite.

    However, those who are considering adding a bath plan on installing a drop-in tub or spa-like bath with jets.

    This might be something to consider if you are planning on doing more extensive renovations.

    For a touch of modernity that will have you longing to soak for longer, why not consider adding a built-in stereo so you can listen to some relaxing music and enhance your bathtime experience?

    Double sinks

    Something else to keep in mind is the growing popularity of having two sinks in the master bathroom so that couples do not need to share.


    Hidden cupboards and bath-side shelving are great ways to create additional storage space in a smaller area so that it looks seamless.

    Another way to create more space is by adding ledges around the shower or bath so that useful items can easily be kept at hand while you are scrubbing up.

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    Nathan Mills
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